Our Approach

Graphic of Tattoo Ninja by Billy Sales

The traditional approach to finding an apprenticeship doesn’t work for everyone.

There are people dedicated to tattooing who aren’t given the chance to learn.  I took my art portfolio to all of the tattoo shops in my area and was turned down for reasons totally unrelated to me.   They weren’t looking for an apprentice or they just wanted experienced tattoo artist.  Hearing that they only wanted experienced artist I had to learn how to tattoo before  working in a shop.  That caused a lot of problems.  Most of my learning was from trial and error.  There were some road blocks along the way that slowed me down.  It was a real pain sometimes physically and mentally.  There was no stopping me and I was going to do it.  I don’t give up once I set my mind on something.  There are people out there who are in my same situation.  I want to help them with their journey. Let others learn from my mistakes and give them a place where they can find answers to their questions.  If someone is willing to do the work I want to give them the opportunity to learn.

We are not trying to replace a tattoo apprenticeship.

Just make sure that you have enough information to find a good one.  Give people the tools to make the right decisions.  There are too many people willing to take your money and not give you anything in return.  Tattoo artist that are taking advantage of other tattoo artist.  Sharing information with other tattoo artist will help everyone.  People can start making decisions based on facts.  We are building a tattoo community that works together to make the industry better.  Working together will prevent tattoo artist from getting ripped off and having other bad things happen to them.  There are many advantages to working together.  

Tattoo University wants to focus on the facts and tested results.

No more listening to Joe Blow’s tattoo advice.  Tattoo artist are operating on myths and bad information passed on by untrained tattoo artist.  It is time to look at the facts and catch up with the times.  Stop using information that is no longer reliable.  Tattoo artist today are using outdated information from a long time ago. All of the information we have in writing is based on what we knew 50 years ago.  There is better information now and it is time to start using that to improve our process.

Communication is important.

What good is the information in the hands of a few.  We want to change the whole tattoo community for the better.  Lack of communication is why the tattoo industry has so many problems.  Tattoo artist can’t even agree on what to call the parts on their tattoo machines.  Companies are ripping us off because nobody tells their buddy that their equipment is garbage.  We need to look out for our brothers, and sisters.  Helping others will not hurt you or your business.

Giving people the right information will make them better tattoo artist.

Clients will always go to the tattoo artist with better skills.  Tattooing is booming right now, and all kinds of people are getting tattooed.  Good tattoo artist are booked with appointments for months.  Only artist who are threatened by new comers are lazy tattooers.  They just learn enough to do crappy tattoos.  They want the money to just walk in the door.  They are threatened by someone with the drive.  Continous learning and practice will make you a good tattoo artist.  You will not worry about clients coming to you.  Your skills will put money in your pocket and food on the table.  These are the artist that this page is created for.  Artist who have the drive and want to know everything they can about tattooing.
We want to support everyone on their tattooing journey.
One way of doing this is offering everything for free.  The idea isn’t to make a profit from the hard work of other tattoo artist.  We can get our money from companies and advertisments.   Tattooing isn’t cheap and learning to tattoo will cost you a small fortune.  Saving you money will make the process easier.  We also want to help you make money.  This is done by supporting people who make tattoo equipment and have a good reputation.  If you have something to offer the tattoo community we want to put you in touch with them. We all want to prevent diseases and keep everyone healthy.  All of the sites that teach tattooing safety require a shop license and some money.  Why would you keep people from having information that will keep them healthy and happy?    Tattoo University will give you all of the information we can for Free!  Our motivation is to help tattoo artist in every way possible.