In Memoriam

Examples of Stevie’s Work 

This site is in loving memory of Stevie Lange, founder of Moonlight Tattoos, a fellow artist and friend who lost his battle with cancer on january 16th, 2017.

Stevie was my first mentor in the world of tattooing. Even though we never met face to face, Stevie saw past the fact that I was a new, struggling tattoo artist and was always willing to help.

I know that Stevie believed in what we are doing here. Stevie and I shared the same enthusiasm for tattooing, and the same outlook on learning and growing as an artist.

We were both committed to the idea that one never stops learning.
I can only hope to embody, through Tattoo University, the indomitable eagerness to help and ever ready willingness to teach that Stevie instilled in my being.

A veteran tattoo artist…

A teacher…

A lover of learning and knowledge…

An open-minded artist in an industry dominated by antiquated secrecy.

He is no longer with us but his tattooing spirit is.


~Nick Durant, Founder, Tattoo University