Plans for this website

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The plans for this website are not really set in stone – except for the point below:

  • I want a website where you can get all the tattooing information you need.
    I get tired of searching all over the internet and ending up empty handed.  You also see a lot of bad information on the internet.  The plan is to post correct information.  I will be making diagrams and videos to help people learn how things should go.
  • There will be documentation that goes along with the instruction.
    This way you can see why we do things.  All of our information will be based on facts and research.  Nothing is thrown up on the site before we get a chance to go over it.
  • There will also be links to information.
    Through all the internet searching sometimes you run into some good stuff.  If it is good then I want to share that with other people.  I want to give other people credit when they do something awesome for the tattooing community.
  • I’m going to start collecting artwork from people Tattoo University has helped over the years.  We can start posting before and after pictures.  You guys have been sending me stuff for years.  I’ve seen the immediate improvements.

I know the process works and want to show everyone the progress you can make if you study and practice.  This is going to be a process.  Have some patience with us.

If you would like us to add anything to the site you can leave a suggestion.  This page is going to be very interactive.  Feel free to leave comments and suggest improvements.