Our Story

How it all started

I never thought that I would be a tattoo artist.

On top of that doing YouTube videos and making a Website. 

I loved getting tattoos but never thought I would be doing them myself.

Every tattoo I got was not a good experience.  The quality of the tattoos were bad.  My time in the tattoo shop was unbearable.

I was spending a fortune to get tattoos fixed.  

It was Christmas time and my wife was getting the itch for another tattoo.  I didn’t want to pay for her to get another jacked up tattoo.  Instead I told her to buy me a tattoo kit for my present.

Having a lot of experience in different art mediums, I could pick this one up also.

But nobody in my area was willing to help me learn. 

That is where the internet search began.  It was close to impossible to find good information.  I ended up getting ripped off several times.  Buying cheap equipment and books that promised to help.

Going through this struggle I realized that I was not the only one.  There were probably a lot of other people out there who had the same problems.  There were talented artists who considered tattooing but were turned away.  Maybe they were turned away by a less talented artist.  Probably some people who could have made a good tattoo artist quit because of the lack of information. 

From the beginning of my work I started documenting everything.  Taking notes and pictures along the way. I turned to social media for help.  That ended in disaster also.  People on these sites were spreading bad information. I tried to explain that what they were saying didn’t make sense.

When people weren’t listening to my words I started showing them.  Making videos to show people what did make sense.  Posted pictures of the research I was doing. YouTube Tattoo Video That information only reached a couple people, so I decided to branch out.  If I posted my videos on YouTube, it could help a wider audience.

Tattoo University was born out of necessity.  It got a life of its own.  People asked me questions and I did videos to show them how to solve their problems. Egos from other artist slowed progress so I started my own sites.  

Jaunty Artist Tattoo Club

We started off as the Jaunty Artist Tattoo Club, but I wanted everyone to know that we were different.  I wanted our name to reflect that we were focused on educating people about tattooing.  

That is why we are now Tattoo University.